Centralized & Secured!

Datum Data expertise in providing Centralized & Secured Web based solutions to various business sectors. Our web applications are being developed in one of famous most secured platform LINUX.

Online Accounting Solutions

Datum Data provides one of the Best Accounting Software in the market both in offline and Online modes. Accounting is one of the tedious process in almost all Business sectors. Monitoring Money flow and managing budget for many branches is almost near to impossible. Not anymore, Datum Data provides centralized accounting solutions for various business sectors, which will enable our customers to manage branch-wise money flow Monitoring, Budget management, Money Management and all-in-one accounting solution. From One place you can do all process without actually to be presented everywhere. Also our Data Security Protocols allows our customers to access financial data in highly secured channel so that no one can breach in the middle of transfer. Also our User Group Authorization module confirms the information security at all times by allowing user-based authorized information to users.