Eliminating Human Errors!

Since 2010, Datum Data has been providing custom software solutions that power businesses, and throughout the years, our focus has remained the same – delivering exceptional customer service from a top-notch team, dedicated to education and innovation. Large and small businesses alike trust Datum Data as their information technology partner. With technology trends changing daily, organizations count on Datum Data to design, develop and maintain scalable custom systems perfectly suited to their business.

Enterprise Application Software (EAS)

Datum Data develops Enterprise Software. Sometimes called Enterprise Application Software (EAS) is software that is designed to make small, medium, and large companies run more efficiently. Some examples of enterprise software includes: customer relationship management (CRM), content management, point of sale (POS), parts ordering, fractional ownership software, resource planning, and similar types of integrated IT solutions. Most businesses that are looking for enterprise software are looking for a solution by which they can build their entire business upon. If developed correctly, EAS can take care of all of your selling, billing, shipping, and intercompany communication needs.

Desktop Application Development

Desktop software is highly recommended for its high speed and smooth performance. The desktop solution is rich in features, functionality, and user experience. And, unlike web based solutions, a desktop app is also not limited by the rules and scope of a web browser. With desktop hard clients, your software will always be at the forefront of your device, and not bound by – or intertwined with – the functionality of a web browser.