Team Extension or Dedicated Team

In order to increase the information measure of your on-the-spot development team or to form your own development team, DatumData proposes associate off-site “team extension” business model, advantageous once the project is current and project necessities are growing over time.During this model we have a tendency to assign our customers a team of developers United Nations agency work on their project completely. Our customers like the “team extension mode” as a result of it's advantageous for them because it permits them to succeed in associate optimized come back On Investment (ROI) from their development efforts.DatumData appoints the lead developer/team leader United Nations agency manages every team of developers.

Customers communicate with a team leader and arrange intermediate milestones to possess phases of the project completed. during this model, developers ar absolutely dedicated and integrated into every customers’ comes and their onsite groups. They usually work with the client within the Agile or scrummage technique of software package development and are in constant communications with the shoppers – skype, e-mail, phone calls, IM, and that they are causation daily reports and victimization kind of news tools further as frequent code drops. during this model, upon request, we have a tendency to send our team leaders to the customer’s web site to become at home with the project and meet the on-the-spot team, complete the information transfer, and so come back to state to steer and manage our offshore development groups.

Fixed worth

Fixed worth jobs are best once you have a well-defined scope and structure for the work. once associate estimate of your technical specification we are able to agree upon a set worth at the beginning of the task supported the wants and scope of what must get done. As a part of the work arrange we have a tendency to originated specific milestones so you and DatumData can have acceptable checkpoints. because the job progresses, you and DatumData will update the milestones and scope at any time.

Hourly Rate

If the task scope is a smaller amount bound and you'd wish to work with us on a lot of versatile basis, then select the hourly choice. You associated DatumData can agree upon an hourly rate and that we can bill you on a weekly basis for the hours worked the previous week. You will conjointly specify approved hours for the next weeks. fairly often the project necessities modification with time.In such cases is an open-ended project with a fanatical developer or team. DatumData appoints a project manager for each such project, United Nations agency is that the team-lead for developers. The shopper communicates with the team-lead and plans intermediate milestones to possess items of the project completed on the method.