Quality Assurance

Quality maintenance, from the start

Quality checks starts at beginning of the process. Early on, the developer will put together a document detailing the project objectives, resources needed, and a solution proposal. The Team Leader will review this document and ensure its correctness before moving forward.

Everything is Reviewed

After working on a development task, the resulting product will go into a "code review" phase, led by the Team Leader and involving the developer. This review aims to detect any possible error introduced to the system, whether it is in the logic or the code. In addition, the review ensures that good practices have been followed during the development and that the project's coding standards have been respected.

Continuous Testing

The work is continually tested during development, following a check-list of what to test and the correct way to test it, as agreed upon by the developer and Team Leader. The same check-list will be applied and verified on all available environments if required. We aim to develop this in a way that facilitates testing, which is better when automated.

Time Management

The most precious resource we have at Datum Data is timeā€”the correct use of your time and our developer's time is our main priority. Every activity at Datum Data goes along with a record of the start time, end time, and any possible interruption during the performed work. The weekly plan also works to save time when deciding what to do next.

At the start of every work day, the Team Leader will check information in response to the following questions, from the built in Project and job management software

  1. What was completed the previous day?
  2. What will you be working on today?
  3. Do you have any obstacle preventing you from working correctly?

Keeping track of progress

After finishing each task, the developer will log the start and end times, in addition to any useful information about the work (description of changes, next steps to follow, the status of the task, etc.) The Team Leader will constantly monitor the project's progress, working to remove any obstacles and to correct the course when needed. Communication with the client regarding progress and deadlines will also be handled by the Team Leader. The progress on each tasks is closely monitored.