Project Management

How We Calculate the Employees efficiency?

We want our developers to work within a structured system where they are able to plan their own work, set goals and milestones, and possess the tools to record their progress and the quality of their work. This means keeping track of the invested time, idle time, corrections and errors, along with a number of metrics that help us systematically measure each developer's progress.

Our developers main task

Each person is different and unique, so what may work for one may not be applicable to the whole team.

We recognize this and help the developer to create his own system, where the main objective is to improve his own performance, taking his past performance as a reference. we motivate our developers to be better than their past selves at each opportunity. The process is based on creating estimates, planning, measuring performance, and reviewing the results to gather information that helps the developer to make better estimates in future tasks.

Software Project Management

Starting a Application

Every software development effort at Datum Data starts by defining in the most clear, explicit, and precise way the goals and objectives you wish to accomplish. We build this with the information available and our own experience. We then move to identify the necessary resources, the scope, and size of the project, and to estimate the time needed to accomplish it. Everything is based on a systematically created historic database that lets us recall past projects with similar characteristics.

Breaking it down

Each project is then broken down into tasks—highly detailed activities that, when completed, push the project closer to its goal. The result of this is a task schedule; all tasks will be assigned to a group of developers where each member will take responsibility for them and will take advantage of a large knowledge base to estimate the time and resources needed to accomplish such tasks.

Starting the Project

Every Developer is tasked with creating a Daily / weekly / monthly Schedule. This should include every task he is committed to finishing that Schedule. This is usually the developer's first task each Schedule, if it has not been defined previously. This is done to provide a clear path for the developer during the Schedule, a way for him to check his progress and to gain a better understanding of the impact of new tasks and other possible obstacles during the Schedule. The developer is expected to update this schedule after each task has been finished, updating estimates, priorities, and deadlines as needed.