Development Process

         For all of our customers, we are able to adapt to their software development processes and cultures, but we also bring a set of knowledge and good practices we have acquired and learned over time, which all of our developers are trained to use:

  • Personal Software Process and Team Software Process
  • We follow this software development methodology to increase our developers productivity.where the development time is invested and the accuracy increased. These allows us to achieve our customers goals.

  • Quality and Time Management
  • All the software developers have been trained in quality assurance methods, including but not limited to test-driven development. We Normally use three steps of quality checks,

    • After the UI Design
    • while Writing the codes
    • Before delivering to customers

  • Project Management
  • Project team includes a Datum Data Project Manager, who will supervise the team members and also participate in the project and interactions with Customers.

  • Certifications & resources:
    • All our developers have approved Company Internal Certifications To the required proficiency.
    • Resources such as Books, Video Tutorials and related technologies are available for all developers.
    • Continuous training in new and in-depth technologies.