In latter 2009, Datum Data has been emerged as Business Consulting Company to help the local Entrepreneurs to get success in their Businesses in various sectors. Datum Data paved way to many local entrepreneurs in various sectors on Information Technology including Data Processing, Software Development and Medical Transcription from various clients around the globe to the local entrepreneurs.

In early 2010, Datum Data started its first Software Development services on various sectors like MLM, Billing, SMS Gateways and many CMS & CRM Applications. Datum Data released its first version of MLM Standalone Software for Admin Panel for local MLM Industries. Also various Standalone Software Applications including Billing, Stock Management, and Employment & Attendance Management System Applications have been release in the year of 2010

In later 2011, Datum Data extended its territory. Datum Data started to provide Software Solutions in New Zealand having its office at Central Auckland. Datum Data released its Web Based Interface for MLM Software which includes many unique features like User panel, Custom Admin Panel, etc., Applications with many unique features including Business analysis Tools with Graphical Outputs have been released.

In Oct 2012, Datum Data launched Hosur Data, which is local Search Engine developed and published especially for Hosur, Tamil Nadu. Having future plans to provide local people including online shopping, online information on everything what people need including any procedures, concepts in Public and private sectors! Datum Data extended its Customer Support and Marketing divisions to Qatar.

Datum Data started to provide service in developing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and Business Process Automation in various sectors. Also its service extended to United States, having its location at San Francisco. Also Datum Data has started its Product development sections to develop real-time applications & Products.


Datum Data provides you the key-path to you and your business to Global Level in all the aspects of Information Technology Sector!

Join Us!! We make our customers proud!!!


Customer Satisfaction

We do what our Customers think in our way! Our First motto in business is to satisfy the Customers needs! Our Software Engineering methods allows customers to give their feedback at every stage of development and implementation! Also it our models are open, so that we can change any modules at any time depending on our Customers needs within short period of time!


Unique Featured Development

We provide unique features with our Services/Products. Some of our Unique features includes Business Analysis Tools to generate reports on Profit-Loss, Turnovers, Stocks etc,. with Graphical Output like Charts to help in understanding the Report. Our prediction tools help our customers to analyze and plan their businesses and help them to take powerful decisions.


All time Support

We support our customers all days in a week. Our Support Team always available to rectify the customers' clarifications and issues. Our well versed executives with excellent communication skill to understand customers' issues and to rectify them at ease as soon as possible. Our Training Programs help customers to understand the product/service better, before implementing.